Solving Our Customers’ Manufacturing Challenges

PGM was founded as a carbide grinding company where engineering and project management were paramount. It is still the main core competency that all of our other disciplines and capabilities were developed. Engineering is pivotal to making sure that every facet of your requirements are met and fit together with synergy.

Our engineers come from all walks of life. On any given project we will have engineers with extensive education and training as well as masters of the trades with a lifetime of on-the-job manufacturing skill and knowledge.

This balance of creative human resources gives us an incredible competitive edge for any industry, in any region.


EDP: Engineering Development Program

The PGM engineering development program (EDP) was started in 1985. The EDP program has produced some of the brightest and most creative engineers in our 30-year history. The program is structured by hiring an engineer with a bachelor’s degree in industrial, mechanical or manufacturing engineering that has the willingness to get dirty. They are placed on the manufacturing floor for up to four years of training with masters of the trade (MOTT) and other engineers.

The training immerses the engineer in actual planning; manufacturing and verifying the products we make for you. With this blend of hands-on training and their degree, PGM’s engineers have a value-added knowledge and understanding of what it takes to manufacture a product, both conceptually and functionally, that no other company can claim. Many of our EDP engineers further their education with advanced degrees in manufacturing and business.


MOTT: Masters of the Trades – Over 40 Years of Experience

These are our skilled engineers that have worked for years on the manufacturing floor. They can apply to projects forgotten secrets and innovative ideas that will sometimes make a product even more unique and cost-effective than the original design.


Continuous Improvement and Beyond

Several years ago, PGM started our formal journey of continuous improvement. Our first four engineers were Green Belt trained, which started a flurry of improvements. From customer-focused factories, process capabilities and the addition of state-of-the-art technology, PGM will always be on our journey of continuous improvement and operational excellence.