About PGM

For 50 years, over 2 generations, and nearly $115M in capital equipment, PGM holds a reputation as an industry-wide, trusted global supplier. 
With every project, PGM continues to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, improve quality standards and customer service. And, with every year in business the long-term client partnerships they have built and the new customers they nurture can be assured of a relationship built on trust, reliability and ultimately mutual success.
Continuous improvement is a Journey Not a Destination

Our team of associates are second to none! We strive to develop and train all of our associates in the most critical areas of manufacturing. Our goal is to have a workforce that can always achieve excellence in manufacturing while building the knowledge and skills in Lean, Six Sigma and GDT.


PGM’s engineering department works side-by-side with our customers during all early stages of the program. It’s here that we can apply the concepts of design for manufacturability that will yield the greatest improvement in time and quality in the manufacturing process. We will share a project plan, manage your project and report every step of the way.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Technology

PGM’s manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest and most advanced production equipment. PGM’s quest is to stay on the leading edge of technology that will provide our customers the best opportunity to achieve their cost and delivery targets. “State-of-the-Art” and PGM go together for all aspects of our business. From our 5-axis machining cells which can manufacture the most complex shapes imaginable, to the multi pallet Horizontal Machining Centers for lights out manufacturing. PGM’s High Speed / Velocity Vertical Machining Centers are capable of extreme close tolerances. To round out our capabilities we have our rotational family of Multi Axis Swiss and Bar Fed Turning Centers and Cylindrical Grinding Centers for your most difficult tolerances.

PGM’s assembly is dedicated to complex mechanical and electrical full up or sub-assemblies.
Supply Chain

Our supply chain is an integral piece of our total package. We use our MRP system (Epicor by Vantage) to develop, schedule and manage all of our outside partners. Raw materials, castings, forgings, plating and purchase components are managed with minimal inventory but always enough to never miss a delivery.