We Are Premier Military Supplier

PGM is recognized as a premier military supplier. Our facility focuses on critical programs requiring design, engineering and multiple manufacturing processes. PGM will commit to the resources necessary to make sure your program is on time and within budget!

Areas of Focus

PGM manufacturers many components and assemblies for the following areas:

  • Communications
  • Electronic protection (counter measures)
  • Fire arms
  • Missiles
  • Satellites and telescopes
  • Radar
  • RF housings and covers
Major Programs

PGM is involved with many critical programs for our armed forces

  • F-22
  • JSF
  • MCS
  • JRTS
  • M16
  • M240
  • M249
Specialty Areas
  • PGM proprietary process of finish machining hardware after gold plating
  • Titanium welding
  • ESD painting
  • Fiber glass lay-up