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PGM passes AS9100 certification

Congratulations to the PGM team!

NQA.usa will recommend PGM for certification to the AS9100 standard based on 8 days of level I and Level II site audits conducted at PGMNE and PGM in Rochester.

  • You did a great job during the audit.
  • There were 0 major findings at PGMNE
  • There were 0 major findings at PGM Rochester
    (This is a huge accomplishment for a first time AS9100 audit)
  • There were 6 minor findings at PGM Rochester, we must address in the next 21 days to obtain certification.
  • There were 3 minor findings and 3 observations at PGMNE that must be addressed in 21 days.

The following individuals played a key role in the audit at PGM Rochester:
(actually audited)

  • Lori Arseneault
  • Cindy Newton
  • James Keene
  • Michael Hockenberger
  • Dan Popp
  • Fred Cadwell
  • Dan Doyle
  • Chris Arena
  • Todd Hockenberger
  • Sharon Borden
  • Brent Bashaw
  • Sal Ianello
  • Richard Green
  • Matt Reiners
  • Nick Kubida
  • Linda Smith
  • George Bartlett
  • Michelle Fee
  • Cuong Dang
  • Chris Blondell
  • Doug Cauwels
  • Steve Birch
  • Jim Leone
  • Joe Scripp

Thanks again for your efforts and hard work.

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